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Product Bites for Better Life #009: Eisenhower Matrix

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Product Bites for Better Life #006: Buy a feature

Product Bites for Better Life #005: North Star Metric

Product Bites for Better Life #004: Reviews

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Product Bites #002: Pairing KPIs with KFIs

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Don't forget the roof / Urgency and Valuableness

Experimentation: More Agility and Aha! Moments in Your Life

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Finding the North Star

4 Development Levels and How to Work With Them

Dancing Between Abstract and Concrete

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What I Learned from Sabotage Manual by the CIA precursor

Navigate Different Tasks Easier With Classes of Service

Battle Against Waste

Art of Simplicity and 4 Ways to Fight Procrastineering

Agile for Exploration, Lean for Optimization in Daily Life [Part 1 of 2]

Feynman’s 12 Questions – an Exercise to Spark Your Curiosity

Clarity and Discovery Through Value Positioning Statements

Flow State, Comfort Zone, and Jumping Out Into the Water

2 Tricky Things Playing Tricks on Your Mind

Starting from Where You Want to Be

Me, My (future) Self and Delay Discounting

Playing With the Squares - 2 x 2 Matrix Variations

Not Everything Is Urgent and Important

Experimentation Is Not Only for Tech Teams

Buy Yourself a Feature. (And a Few Words on Prioritization)

Striking a balance between known and unknown a.k.a. Explore-Exploit Continuum

Moments, a.k.a. Jewish wisdom, Greek Mythology, and LRM

Universal vs. specific (product) skills. And unlocking your super powers in 3 steps

A Famous Value-Related Product Principle, and What It Means for Your Life

Networked thinking, Product thinking... and your life

A PM's Guide to applying Product Thinking in your life